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     2016, the Graduate Institute of Japanese Political and Economic Studies, Tamkang University (GIJPESTU) is established in succession to the Graduate Institute for Japanese Studies, Tamkang University (GIJSTU, 1983-2009). Inherited from GIJSTU, GIJPESTU is focused on building up the higher knowledge base of Japanese politics and economics to advance in the field of education, research and community services. Confronting with the problems of the constitutionalism, political regimes, geopolitics, diplomatic relations, environment, food security, international human rights, economics, health, energy issues in the 21th century, a new paradigm is needed to be created in order to handle these issues regionally, globally. Creating a better circumstance to foster higher knowledge and wisdom and nurture the new paradigm in the sphere of Japanese Studies is the purpose and the goal of GIJPESTU.

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